Free Intro to Level Up Your Relationship

Duration 1 m 16 s

Free Intro to Level Up Your Relationship

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Curious about your relationship strengths and growth areas? 

Knowing your similarities and differences, and how to navigate them, is an essential part of feeling confident in the foundation and fit of your relationship.

While having some similarities and some differences is to be expected, it’s important to identify these areas and talk about them. This sort of open, honest communication, while sometimes scary, is a necessary ingredient for building confidence, security, and growth in your relationship. 

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Jill Koehler

Jill Koehler

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Course Instructor

I'm a Registered Clinical Counsellor,  Focusing-Oriented Therapist & Supervisor in private practice at Communicating Well since 2010. I work location-independently online and also in-person in Squamish BC. 

Drawing on my experience in Somatic Therapies, Neuroscience, Communication, Attachment and Self-Compassion Work, I help people to map their inner landscape - to bring compassionate awareness to their thoughts, emotions and body sensations. As clients are able to do this, things naturally start to shift and move forward in a fresh way.