Level Up Your Relationship

Duration 1 h 57 m 13 s


$ 225
Level Up Your Relationship

About Course

Moving in together? Getting married? Check out my online course Level Up Your Relationship where I guide you + your partner through 11 essential conversations for building a strong foundation for the long-term. 


  • Prepare-Enrich Relationship Questionnaire & Report: get a clear snap shot of your relationship strengths and growth areas.
  • 11 Video Lessons: Discuss 11 important relationship topics to increase your connection. 
  • Couples Workbook: Exercises to promote useful reflection, discussion and action steps.
  • Private FB Community: Post questions, access resources and more.

Topics Covered:

  1. Personality
  2. Personal Stress Profile
  3. Communication 
  4. Conflict Management
  5. Money and Financial Style 
  6. Intimacy and Affection
  7. Family of Origin 
  8. Roles
  9. Children
  10. Beliefs & Values
  11. Relationship Goals & Check-ins

Learning Goals:

  • Establish a framework for open and honest communication, even around difficult topics.
  • Identify and explore the key topics that can cause problems for many couples down the road, if not addressed.
  • Discover and discuss differences you may have now, so they don’t become stumbling blocks later.
  • Create a relationship vision and identify some action steps to keep moving forward together.


  1. Sign up for course.
  2. Jump into the ‘Welcome’ section.
  3. In the ‘Prepare-Enrich Assessment' section you will access a link to register for your Assessment which will arrive by email within 24 hours.
  4. After both completing the Questionnaire, a copy of your Couple’s Report will be emailed to you (within 24 hours).
  5. Jump in to Lesson 1 and go at your own pace and schedule.

This is NOT the right program for you if:

  • You are fighting regularly and fights tend to escalate (verbally or physically attacking).
  • You don’t feel confident about being able to discuss these topics without fighting.
  • There are active substance-abuse issues within your relationship.

This workshop is educational and not meant as therapy. If you are experiencing any of the above I would recommend seeking couples counselling to get individual support for yourselves and your relationship. 

Course content

video Welcome! 1 m 55 s
video Introducing Myself 1 m 20 s
video Setting a Learning Goal 1 m 44 s
video Course Orientation 1 m 57 s
video Materials for Download 3 s
video About the Assessment 1 m 38 s
video IMPORTANT: Complete to receive Prepare-Enrich Questionnaires 9 s
video Prepare-Enrich Inventory Overview 2 m
video Partner Qualities 38 s
video About Personality 1 m
video SCOPE Assessment 2 m 52 s
video Report & Exercise 1 m 27 s
video Wrap-up + Additional Questions
video Stress & Relationships 3 m 39 s
video Report & Exercise 1 m 51 s
video Wrap-up 3 m 26 s
video Lesson Materials + Additional Resources 11 s
video About Communication 16 m 14 s
video Report & Exercise 6 m 54 s
video Wrap-up & Reflection Questions 1 m 49 s
video Additional Resources 10 s
video About Conflict Resolution 9 m 24 s
video Report & Exercise 2 m 50 s
video Wrap-up 1 m 42 s
video Additional Resources 9 s
video Learning About Financial Styles 7 m 13 s
video Report & Exercises 1 m 45 s
video Wrap-up 1 m 30 s
video Additional Resources + Materials 30 s
video Exploring Sexuality & Affection 4 m 8 s
video Report & Exercise 1 m 4 s
video Wrap-up 1 m 13 s
video Additional Resources + Materials 10 s
video Looking at Family of Origin 4 m 41 s
video Report & Exercise 1 m 23 s
video Additional Resources 6 s
video Wrap-up 1 m 36 s
video Who Does What & Why? 4 m 23 s
video Exercise 41 s
video Additional Resources 4 s
video The Question about Kids 1 m 34 s
video Exercise 36 s
video Wrap-up 38 s
video Additional Resources 14 s
video What do You Each Believe? 3 m 38 s
video Report & Exercise 56 s
video Wrap-up 58 s
video Additional Resources 1 s
video Goal-Setting Exercise Download 2 s
video Relationship Goal-Setting 3 m 39 s
video Relationship Check-ins 3 m 8 s
video Exercise 26 s
video Wrap-up 46 s
video Bringing it all Together 5 m 6 s
video Topic to Focus On Worksheet 2 s
Jill Koehler

Jill Koehler

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Course Instructor

I'm a Registered Clinical Counsellor,  Focusing-Oriented Therapist & Supervisor in private practice at Communicating Well since 2010. I work location-independently online and also in-person in Squamish BC. 

Drawing on my experience in Somatic Therapies, Neuroscience, Communication, Attachment and Self-Compassion Work, I help people to map their inner landscape - to bring compassionate awareness to their thoughts, emotions and body sensations. As clients are able to do this, things naturally start to shift and move forward in a fresh way.