Clearing a Space: An intro to Focusing

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Clearing a Space: An intro to Focusing

About Course

Clearing a Space is the first step of Focusing. 
Focusing is a process of inner awareness rooted in the idea that if we pay attention in a particular way to our body-based feeling called a “felt sense”, we can begin to communicate with our beings in a way that helps us to find the “life-forward” energy in our lives.
  • Want to feel a little more clarity in your life?
  • Have you considered being more compassionate to yourself?
  • Do you want to get some perspective so you can get more spacious and see new options?

Connecting-in, especially when you are experiencing difficult feelings, can be tough. Yet, if you ever feel hijacked by your feelings or if you ever numb or distract yourself so that you don’t get overwhelmed, gently sensing into the inner world is exactly what is often needed to release some of that tension. 

Because we often avoid going inside, we think meditating would be helpful, but never get to it because there is just something that keeps many of us from turning inward. 

Clearing a space may be helpful if this is the case, because it offers a new way to get curious about what we are holding inside and to work with new skills that can help us to befriend what is there.

Through taking this workshop you will:

  • Dip a toe into a new process for inner-work.
  • Begin to develop trust in your own capacity to self-regulate. 
  • Perhaps meet with the inner defenses that have been getting between you and your quiet intuitive voice. 

This is NOT the right workshop if:

  • You are prone to extreme anxiety or clinical depression and do not have accessible community or therapeutic support.

This workshop is educational and not meant as therapy. In the case difficult feelings are stirred up, we highly recommend therapy support from a Registered Clinical Counsellor.

Course content

videoWorkbook Download3 s Start
videoWhat is Focusing?4 m 56 s Start
video6 Steps of Focusing + Inner Critic6 m 15 s Start
videoSomething Beautiful Grounding Exercise3 m 58 s Start
videoFocusing Demo: Angela + Jill21 m 8 s Start
videoClearing a Space Exercise8 m 40 s Start
videoWrap-up2 m 50 s Start
Jill Koehler

Jill Koehler

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Course Instructor

I'm a Registered Clinical Counsellor,  Focusing-Oriented Therapist & Supervisor in private practice at Communicating Well since 2010. I work location-independently online and also in-person in Squamish BC. 

Drawing on my experience in Somatic Therapies, Neuroscience, Communication, Attachment and Self-Compassion Work, I help people to map their inner landscape - to bring compassionate awareness to their thoughts, emotions and body sensations. As clients are able to do this, things naturally start to shift and move forward in a fresh way.